The Riverman’s Guide to the Kings River – Hard Cover


For the fisherman, the floaters, the river lovers, and the eager rookies, all ages, all skills– the Kings River is calling you. It’s calling you to learn, experience and enjoy every meandering bend. A river that traverses 90 miles northward in Northwest Arkansas needs an extensive guide with detailed descriptions to teach and entertain while it provides history and geological facts about the terrain.

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Thorough guide maps help you plan your trip to the river while the Riverman Tips are essential for understanding the regulations, reading the river levels, choosing the right floating vessels, selecting the right fishing gear, and packing the right bait. While the smallmouth bass reigns supreme over the Kings River, it shares the habitat with over 215 species of fish. While this book is comprehensive in love and lore, time and space will dictate focusing on the most popular sought-after game fish that populate this beloved Ozark stream.

With five decades of familiarity with this free-flowing waterway I’ll share the treasure map that is public access points, outfitters you can trust, and well- known, some might say, infamous legends of the Kings. I feel obligated to pass on my river knowledge. Future generations of fishermen and paddlers depend on us preserve both the beauty and tranquility as well as the stories and history of this royal stream.